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  • “How Do You Know If One Piano Mover Is Better Than Another?  

Over the years we have seen piano after piano damaged beyond repair because someone didn’t know how to move it safely and securely!  

You can hire a general moving company that is experienced in moving furniture, but chances are they have not been specially trained to handle and maneuver a piano correctly or safely. 

That’s right, moving a piano correctly, safely & securely requires specific knowledge, skills, techniques, training, & equipment.  

It takes more than muscles and a truck or van to do it right! 

We have specialized in the piano moving industry for over 30 years! 

Having that much experience moving pianos exclusively, we know what to do no matter the size of the piano or the manner in which it needs to be moved.  That is why we at Dad & Brad Piano Moving have spent so much time developing the best techniques to maneuver and move your piano correctly and safely – EVERY TIME!

I am sure that you, some buddies, or just some muscled up guy could move it, but what if it is damaged in the process?

We have moved every type of piano into every type of environment possible.  We know what it takes to do it right, and we have seen what happens when it is done WRONG!  The results can be catastrophic!

If you are looking to hire a moving company for the job and they offer you a low bid, it is probably due to the fact that they are not operating under an official business license, or they do not offer or have very little insurance to cover their “at fault” damages to your piano. 

Let’s be honest here, if you hire someone to move your piano and they damage it, wouldn’t you expect them to pay for the damages?


Did you know that when a piano moving company says they are “insured”, they could be misleading you? 

There are 3 different types of insurance that the moving company can actually claim to have, but two of them would leave you with a total loss if they damaged or destroyed your piano.

1) "Self Insured" - this in all honesty isn’t insurance at all.  They are telling you that if you can prove to them first that they damaged your piano they will write you a check out of their own pocket to pay for the damages.  What if you had a very expensive piano.  They may not take responsibility for their actions and you may end up spending so much money in litigation costs taking them to court, that you would be out an even greater loss.

2) "Value"  coverage.  The maximum they can pay for any damages allocated by the Federal Trade Commission is $.60 per poundThat means that if they damage your $5,000 piano, they only have to pay you $360 in damages for that piano.  Not a very good deal huh? For them sure, but not for you!   

Yes, Value coverage is legal!


3) "Accidental" policy coverage.  This is very expensive – which explains why very few carry it – but it is an actual policy they carry to pay for damages or destruction of the piano while under their care.  To make sure your piano is in the best hands, the companies that provide this type of coverage are the only ones that are willing to make the investment to protect your piano.

No matter what type of insurance coverage they offer, request a copy of their current policy.

Before they ever put their hands on your piano, you should agree on a “value” of your piano’s worth, and it should be in writing on the estimate before the move occurs. 

I know, I know, all you want is your piano moved, RIGHT? 

To help you find the best piano moving company in the area, we created a comprehensive mover evaluation. You can use it to compare all the movers objectively and find the best most reputable piano moving company. 

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Why did we take the time to create this Piano Mover Evaluation for you?


We at Dad & Brad Piano Moving just want to provide our Houston area friends the tools and knowledge to make the best decision possible so you are treated fairly and your piano is moved safely, on time, & on budget.  We hope to hear from you soon!


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